R & L chooses to utilize high grades of lumber as required by the Wood Truss Council of America (WTCA). We primarily use MSR 1650 Spruce for all of our top and bottom chords and #2 & better for all your web material. When required or requested we also provide the option of using 2400 MSR Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) 2x6 and larger material. R & L require that all of our lumber vendors either ship lumber to us this is either wrapped or tarped to assure that it will not be exposed to inclement weather.



Auto Mill RS- Alpine Automill RS component saw, Computer controlled saw sets up in 2 to 19 seconds and downloads from a network or by using a touch screen for ease of operation. Five-head automated component saw works in both automated (downloading files) and semi-automated control via touch-screen input. It has [23] axes of automated movement, enhanced diagnostics, auto management reporting.

Timber Mill 6-20G

Heavy-duty machine that uniquely combines base plane referencing and pivot axis elevation. Designed to cut all components for roof truss fabrication, the Timber Mill is a state-of-the art machine with advanced safety features and a proven track record.


Lumbermater 5000

The Lumbermater5000 is a powerful, flexible manufacturing system for the construction of roof trusses. The improved gantry embeds plates right the first time, with up to 58 tons of pressure.


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